Prosperitas gradnja d.o.o. (Prosperitas Construction LLC) was founded in 2009 in private property. Particularly important is the fact that the basic structure of the company, all the most important persons, have been working together for almost 20 years. The company’s seat is in Zagreb, Zagorska 27.

The main business activity of the company is carrying out construction, and construction and finishing works. Prosperitas gradnja d.o.o is fully equipped to perform such works, and has highly qualified staff. At the moment, the company employs about 31 employees. Our employees completed various construction, trade, transport and other trainings and educational workshops, and are fully qualified and have necessary certificates in accordance with the law and professional rules to perform such activities.

In addition to a high-quality staff, the company operates at a high level of technical and technological equipment, using modern machinery, different transport and other construction vehicles, equipment, specialized machines and a variety of tools, which enables a high quality execution of all works within the agreed deadlines. Of course, we will continue to invest optimally and strategically into our assets and equipment, as well as into our staff in the future, in order to guarantee the quality of our work in the long run.

We work with reliable subcontractors with whom we achieve long-term cooperation for types of work we do not perform.

According to the regulation on licensing of construction companies, prescribed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction:

  • company Prosperitas gradnja d.o.o. received approval for the F group of buildings and for performing works in this group of buildings for period of 5 years in September 2011.
  • since its foundation, company Prosperitas gradnja d.o.o. has been a stable company, and according to economic indicators, has been reporting a continued growth in all business segments.

The qualification structure of employees:
Master of Science in Civil Engineering 2, mechanical engineer 1, organizational engineer 1, construction technician 3, carpenter, mason, steel bender, mechanic, crane operator, plumber, driver, tiler, painter, worker.

When compared to multiple competitors, our comparative advantages are that we are able to follow potential investors all the way from the idea of the project until its final realization, for which we are fully qualified and technically equipped.

We provide advantage before the competition to all of our investors and partners, thanks to our policy of business quality. This is why we believe that Prosperitas gradnja d.o.o. is an optimal choice for your projects.

Our motto is:

„Quality without compromise, creation of long-lasting values.“